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* Experience a relaxed, empowered, spacious way of being with money. * Uncover the ‘money wisdom’ hidden in your body. * Discover the 5 essential skills for regaining your natural creative flow. * Ground yourself in an embodied stance of true presence and inner prosperity. These are the real results of somatic coaching, a unique, body-focused approach to healing that creates lasting mental, emotional, and spiritual changes in your relationship with money.
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  1. victrina758 says:

    I am not so creative and need help coming up with a business name where I would be coaching people about the economic, spiritual, emotional and social/culture aspects of money.

  2. lookmeup says:

    Capitalist Coaching

  3. HeavenLeighDreams says:

    I know that with linked and blogging and facebook_++++ that i can apply myself to raise awareness and money for a non profit organization. I have the motivation and heart but I am clueless where to start. Can you steer me in the right direction?

  4. michelle says:

    this is my idea, first of all you need facebook account or any social media. add friends as much as you can.

    after you have those account and friend,
    create website or blog and post article about your cause, add some pic and video.
    start make a group and call it as your cause. like “Stop Global Warming”
    invite all your friends and ask them to invite their friend too.
    join http://tinyurl.com/2579o8h, after you accepted then create new widget and put on your web or blog.

    post on facebook or any, tell your friend to visit the blog to support your cause. and also tell them that if they complete the survey then they help your cause and of course you raise some money.

    that is my idea, i hope this will help you.

  5. HoratioBonar says:
  6. hspw says:

    Use the editor to increase the money that a club has and increase the stats that the coaching staff has.

  7. swty_198600 says:

    Hi i m a housewife had done mca wana to do something own.
    plz tel me which is better to start a coaching center or a degree college.

  8. admin says:

    hey see studieshelp.atwebpages.com for this. Check out the links there hope it helps

  9. admin says:

    Thinking about handing over $500 for some help and I’m a little unsure it will be worth it.

  10. camcanhelp says:

    Personally I think they are a waste of cash. If you know where you want to go and are disciplined, you can get there on your own or with a little guidance form someone – but not at the cost of 500 bucks.

  11. ylamarearueda says:

    $0, unless you are coaching a club team in which case you will make a small pittance. Otherwise, if you’re coaching recreational soccer, you’re donating your time. I’ve been an assistant coach for years and never have been paid.

    Why do you care anyways? Teaching the beautiful game to kids should have nothing to do with money.

  12. VishalH says:

    Does it guarantee that you can start making passive income by end of coaching?

  13. KaseyC says:

    There ain’t no guarantees in life, man.

    Rich Dad Coaching is a franchise that you can join for 25000 USD. Pay them and they’ll license you to teach Rich Dad stuff to others.

    Mr. Kiyosaki has some inspirational stories, but IMHO, he’s a bit weak in the details. I would buy his “advisor books” instead, and skip the very expensive seminars.

  14. annonamous<3 says:

    The reason I ask is that the course costs are a huge amount, you have got to decide wether its a good investment or not! its not because im in it for the money!

  15. elgil says:

    I don’t know where you are, but the few who do it where I live, complement it with other things. So, it looks that it is not enough by it self. Now, let me give you my experience with reiki. I didn’t believe in it , but, being open minded about every thing, I tried once. I was feeling very bad after a major operation. I wasn’t expecting anything. And it was great! I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after wards. Now, I do it once a month, and some times works better than other times. I congratulate for you good intentions and I wish you good luck. I just checked your questions and answers, and saw the one about being a hypnotherapist. Have a very, very good friend who does it, and is doing very well. She is 25, and she was renting space at the academy where they teach it and she got her accreditation and she just rented her own office now. Would you like to get in contact with her?

  16. deedee says:

    I was required to use my credit card to recived their coaching and sign a form that i could not get a refond. but now after 3 mounths i know this is clearly a scam. but because of the sign form i feel helpless. what cam i do?

  17. bjlevine says:

    You typically have 60 days to dispute a credit card charge. Even though you are past that point, I would go ahead and file a dispute with the credit card company. As far as getting it back from the company, if it is really a scam the odds are the you won’t be able to even deal with them.

    I am sorry for the loss, but in the future dispute any charge within 60 days if you even suspect there’s a problem.

  18. sevans280292 says:

    Does the government give football coaches money to run teams or get a team running? because the governments want youngsters to start getting active, do they give them money to start up a team, for like under 11’s ETC.

  19. DavidM says:

    Only the sports governing body, or by the lottery sports donations..

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