Minecraft 1.2.5 How to Install Timber Mod (MAC/PC)


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  1. DoresaW says:

    OK. I have been looking everywhere on how to do this but I can’t find anything! I want to make a drop down menu with images like this: http://i416.photobucket.com/albums/pp249/AniMetallic/menu.jpg I made my button in photoshop already, but I don’t know how to put that in CSS. Can someone, please, tell me how to do this; or find me a code?

  2. admin says:

    You’ll find what you want at the following site:

    Menus – http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/

    Menu Tutorial – http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/tutorial.html


  3. numchuckchick says:

    I just started my own personal geocities site. I recently created a drop down menu in the form of an html code using Xara 3D but i dont know how to hyperlink the buttons (in the menu) to my other pages. I have the menu in Java Script but i dont know how to add that to a geocities page. I’m new to this so pls help!!!!

  4. rknoblock says:

    This will require a list box, which is a form element and some JavaScript that tells the browser how to do it. Put the following JavaScript in the head section of the page:

    Then put the following form in the navigation area of the body section:

    You will of course need to change the web pages (page1.html, etc.) being referenced as well as the descriptive text (i.e., Front, Middle and Last). The JavaScript routine is called whenever an item it selected from the list box. It takes the value of the selected item from the list and jumps to that web page.

  5. yhwh_loves_you says:

    I am building a website and the owner wants a dropdown menu on his navigation. I have seen this on other websites before. When you slide the mouse on or across the navigation button a few other navigation buttons drop down from the original one, like sub-navigation buttons.

    What is the code/script/ect for this option?

    Thanks a bunch!

  6. MADCAPPER says:

    Check out http://www.w3schools.com Lots of good info

  7. trisauskas_lukas says:

    well i want to know if there is a drop down text html code , like on youtube discription says (more) and its drops down text how can i do that?

  8. inukjuak90 says:

    That’s not HTML code,
    and even if it was, you
    cannot use any HTML
    within YouTube.

  9. admin says:

    I’ve tried a lot of codes already but none of them seem to work. Does anyone have an updated code to hide this? I’ve already found codes to hide everything else on top, I just need the ONE code to hide the Drop Down Menu Box ONLY. Thanks!

  10. mookemookie says:

    this is updated soo. lol i got sum otha codes if ya want. just ask! this is the best code it really works for me.

  11. losangelika says:

    I do shipping for internet store, but original store address located about 12-15 miles from my place. When I dropped my mail yesterday in my local post office, I’ve been told by post office worker that I can’t do so many packages (which were stamped btw already), so far from original zip code. I think it’s a complete b…. s….t. Am I right?

  12. jdkilp says:

    Yes, you’re right. the postal employee is nuts. You’re paying for the stamp … you can mail it from anywhere in the US.

  13. rose123 says:

    I need to write macro/vba code for looping let say a drop down boxes of ID. For each ID, it has different benefits and commision. After calculating the excel sheet to get those figures according to the ID, loop through another ID at the drop down boxes to get the same ID again.

  14. SimonBelmont says:

    First, you need know the name of the drop dow or combobox, for example, list01. Drop downs and comboboxes have a property called listcount that returns the amount of items they have.
    The code below list the values:
    sub ListValuesFromDrop()
    dim i as long
    for i = 0 to me.list01.listcount -1
    debug.print me.list01.list(i)
    next i
    end sub

    In the place I typed debug.print you should write your code. You’ll do the same for the other listbox.

  15. admin says:

    I want it for xbox 360 but the pc item code is what i need for modding,i cant find it anywhere,it may not exist but i want to be sure.

  16. »Leila« says:

    Does anyone know the HTML/CCS code for drop down boxes you know like people have on their myspace page or whatever? I’ve tried to look for the code and can’t find it.

  17. admin says:

    There has to be many different drop down box codes available. Some do nothing on select, some open another associated drop down box depending on item selected before any action is taken, some will “jump to” a section of a page, another web page or another site.

    But, since you said MySpace, this is a MySpace Drop Down Generator:



  18. admin says:

    The login button should be written in html5, css3 or just html and css along with using javascript or jscript.. It should drop down whenever clicked and go back in when clicked elsewhere..

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