Making Money with Crypto Currencies

In this post, we are going to visit the subject of trading bots and I am focusing on one particular: the Haasonline Software Bot.

To start this off: It is the most expensive solution I have looked at and it is the most professional and most comprehensive one at the same time. So, why am I reporting on this one only in this post when there are many others that cost a fraction of the Haasbot and are perhaps even simpler to operate (read: less professional)?

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Well, there is really only one answer to this: if you are trying to trade crypto currencies today you are up against a huge army of bots that are already in the market place trying to cheat every human trader out of their money – and to be honest, they are making it already quite difficult for humans to remain on top. Bots have taken over the majority of trading in the environment of crypto currency trading and they are responsible for huge amounts of money being made on the one side and lost on another.

So, if you want to add a bot in this environment and be successful, you need the best possible tool, the best weapon money can buy and you can afford. And the best weapon at this point is the Haasonline Software with its three levels of bot subscriptions. I am not saying either one of them is really cheap, but price level needs to be looked at in comparison to what you can make with it.

Now, you know how volatile crypto currency markets are and that people have multiplied their investments in a few months. Think back at the development of DASH. While it traded at 10 USD at the beginning of the year, one DASH is no worth some USD 180 (date of writing: June 2017). Now imagine a bot that correctly foretold and traded you 10’000 USD so you ended up with a value increase in your portfolio of USD 170’000!! This is huge and it doesn’t really matter whether you pay 0.09BTC, 0.16BTC or 0.24BTC for a three months license. Because you are so much in profit that you don’t care.

Of course, the example mentioned is not typical and there is no guarantee you wil make any money with any kind of bot, chances are you lose all your investment, …. yade yade…. you know the legal disclaimers….

But fact is you need the best tool available to get the best chance of making it big time.

Click here for more information and videos explaining in greater detail how Haasbots work.