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  1. zimpops says:

    yeah, i do blog :) and can you please tell me why you blog, and also how great blogging is, or what advantages we could draw from it. Help me out, so that i could easily influence a group of audience about the greatness of blogging. thanx :P

  2. Michirù says:

    a blog is ur online journal. You can write or post about whatever you like: updates of ur life, opinions, a great trip, favorite movies, customized ur theme, what music you’re listening to — anything that strikes your fancy. ur blog can include words, photos, or both. 360 publishes and saves all ur blog entries for easy access as time goes by. goodluck ^_^

  3. IgorHutyum says:

    -What do you do with it?
    -What’s the point?

  4. Kait says:

    People who think we give a crap about what goes on in their lives have them. They tell us what they did today/where they are/how they feel.

  5. RylieMoo says:

    I want to start a casual blog… not for my family or friends or anything, but just for expressing my thoughts about things that i know other people also have thoughts about.

    what’s the best way to go about starting a blog? where do i go for it? how do i do it? any tips?


  6. AndreiLamos says:

    First you need to find a “home”. I suggest WordPress. It was considered the best service a few years ago, and with Microsoft having a joint venture with them these days, it’s likely to become even more popular. It’s a powerful tool, and the only downside is that it can be a bit scary for newbies. You can always google for “blogs” and you’ll find many alternatives.

    Once you find a place to create your blog, think of a theme. Will you write about something specific, or pretty much any subject goes?

    Choose a name for the blog, something that will summarize its contents is usually best.

    Then, just start typing. If you want to attract people, try to have a schedule. People are more likely to visit your blog if they know you’re going to have something new posted.

    If you plan on writing a lot, use a few images to break the texts. Long texts without pictures tend to put people off.

    Other than that, it really depends on what your writing style is and what you intend to do with it in the long run. Experience will teach you most of this, so, like the Nike ad… just do it.

  7. leahhhhhhhhhh says:

    what is blogging? i look it up and every body says different things.

    a few of my friends have tumblr and all i see is a few pictures of them, mostly pictures of random things, quotes, pictures with quotes on them, and a posts that say “i’m having a bad day” but in different words each time.

    so far this is what people say blogs are:
    people rant and complain
    people who have conditions/diseases talk about living with it
    peoples replacement for a journal (but i dont even really know what a journal is)


    examples are websites like: tumblr, xanga, livejournal, wordpress, blogger
    people say that blogs are when people rant and complain but some people say blogs are when people who have conditions and diseases talk about it, and other people say

  8. MegA. says:

    A blog – which is short for “weblog” – is an online journal (which is very much like a diary). People can use them for just about anything – articles and stories, pictures and videos, links to their favorite websites and other blogs… It’s basically like having your own website except everything is on a timeline, with the most recent stuff first. You write a “blog post” and when it gets “published” the post will include a date and time. And it will be placed above the most recent post. It kind of reminds me of a news site.

    Blogs can be made by individuals either for personal or professional use, and companies use them too. They’re used mainly to help keep the blogger’s “followers” up to date with what’s going on. Most of the blogs I’ve seen are limited to a particular subject – like a disease or the company’s business. But that means some people or companies have more than one blog. That way, if you’re interested in the disease you can follow that blog without having to read about stuff you’re not interested in that the blogger might also be writing about.

    Blogs now can also connect to other sites, like Facebook and Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. And it goes the other way too – for example, if you have a new blog post you can tell your “followers” on Twitter and put the link in the tweet so they can click on it and read your new post. Blogs are all about staying in touch with people when you can’t always see them in person or call them. I think you can do that on Facebook too (I don’t do Facebook so I’m not sure), but with a blog you have more space to write.

  9. BabujiB says:

    Is blog & blogging the same ? If a blog is meant to write, can I write on anything ?

  10. SưNgố says:

    Follow the guide, create your own blog and enjoy!

  11. bobbied94 says:

    Want to make people visit a blog and don’t know how. Also can you give me a good blogging site that people visit a lot. Do they visit your blog within the blog site or externally?? Thanks.

  12. Ivan says:

    Most of the time people find your blog from search engines like yahoo, google, bing etc. You have to optimize your blog with meta tags and they are read from search engines spiders. Its called SEO and you can read more about it online. You can also post your blog on facebook and twitter and other sites like this and you will get some visitors too :)
    Hope this helps!
    Good Luck

  13. S says:

    Hey so I want to start a blog, and I was wondering what were the best websites to do that????
    Comment below with your ideas!



  14. OnielBest--TheWebsitePackager says:

    Here’s your answer and a few things which I think are in minds of most bloggers: is the best platform for all bloggers, irrespective of their tech expertise. In addition, another benefit of using blogger is that you get traffic from Google search as well. 8 out of every 10 searches are at

    Google’s is a pretty versatile blogging platform. The url format of your new blog will be, where xyz represents your name. But if you want to make the url look, blogger allows you to do that as well. You can tweak the looks of your blog, from 1 percent to 100 percent and add much functionality to it as well.

    Now a bit on what are money making potential of a blog:

    If your idea is to earn by showing ads from ad programs like Adsense, Kontera, Adbrite etc. then your earnings will depend on the number of clicks you manage to get on your displayed ads. On an average, if your blog content is good, means if the content shows good context ads, and if you have 300 blog visitors then you will have 2-6 clicks on your ads. Studies show ads on websites have a click ratio of around 2 percent. Thus for every 100 visitors one can expect to get 2 clicks on ads. Or in other words, out of 100 visitors to a blog, only 2 visitors click on an ad. This translates into, 1 or 1.2 dollars a day for a 300 visitor a day blog.

    If your idea is to earn revenue by selling products through affiliate links; or sell your own products/services, then again, the earnings will depend on your blog traffic. And the chances of a visitor going for a buy, is again around 2 percent.

    I hope you find the answer useful.

  15. KaraJ says:

    I would like to move my myspace blog to another blogging website, like wordpress or to a mac mobile me website that i design. How can I do that without losing what I have already created? If it is not possible I will just keep using myspace for blogging purposes only…but i would like to move it so i can close the account. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  16. chrisscott11us says:

    It shouldn’t be too hard. There isn’t any software to make the transaction seamless but you can pretty easily copy and paste all of your blog posts into new posts. With WordPress, you can even change the dates of posts so that you can display the correct dates.

    I always recommend WordPress for blogging software but if you have doubts about it you may want to consider Google Blogger or TypePad. You can host your blog for free on or you can download the software at and host it on your own website.

    Below is a link to a post on my blog about blogging that will help you decide which blogging site to use (top 10 blogging sites). I’m also going to refer you to a post I wrote that lays out how to host your own blog in 5 easy steps.

  17. sublime_lover02 says:
  18. masterchiefsgf says:

    A blog is an online diary/journal where you write whatever your little heart desires! Blogging is just the term to when you are “writing” in your blog. A famous blogging website is LiveJournal.

  19. caffeinoholic says:

    it should be “catchy”..

  20. McAwesome says:

    Blog: the [not so secret] diary

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