I have been actively using PPV traffic for a substantial period of time (several years) and I had never heard about “growtraffic” – reachable under before. So clearly, they instantly had my attention when I read on their site that they give away 10’000 visitors for the cost of me writing this article about them (full disclosure).

Luckily, I should get the 10’000 visitors irrespective of whether I like their service or not. That allows me to stay neutral (like a real Swiss) and tell you how I perceive them.

The website is rather bare and non-descript – I could also say, it is simple and provides an easy overview… In any event, you will have gone through their few pages of information very quickly. They also run a blog which appears to have many interesting articles. Mental note: go back and browse through…

What interests me the most is the 10’000 free visitors (of course) and whether their traffic is of quality or whether they will send useless bot traffic. Now, that is the very interesting part: Since they let you try out their service and their traffic, they obviously consider their traffic good and valuable. Who would want to show off bad quality? right!

The information about traffic quality is partially provided in the FAQ: “No, we don’t use any bots or proxies to send traffic to our customers’ sites. These are real human visitors from websites in our ad network.” Well, that is good news. You really don’t want bot traffic (that is automated non human traffic where computers are basically used to “visit” websites just to create traffic – as I said: totally useless). But here they claim it is all human traffic. So that is good news.

CC BY-NC-ND by Alexander Steinhof

So next, I am interested to compare pricing with other services. Interesting here is that their price model fits all – all countries and all verticals (verticals are categories of interest like “Beauty” or “Golf” etc.). Now, that is not only interesting, that is actually almost strange – or a great deal.

Here is why: traffic from certain countries is more valuable than from other countries (i.e. US traffic is almost always more expensive than traffic from Nigeria, reason being: US traffic is more likely to convert than Nigerian traffic). But here all traffic costs the same. Also different verticals are usually priced differently. Clearly a visitor interested in a chiropractor is more valuable than a visitor who wants to consume free porn, simply because the chiropractor visitors can be turned into more money than the same number of porn consumers. So why does the selection of my vertical not influence the price? The FAQs don’t provide me that answer.

So, back to the price comparison: The smallest purchasable campaign costs $28 for 10’000 visitors. That is a CPM of $2.8. In other words, one visitor to my site costs me $0.0028. Their cheapest pricing comes to CPM $2.1 (for one million visitors).  That is not the cheapest around – I pay CPM $0.2 ($0.0002 per visit) in certain places, but then I am sure to get a portion of bot traffic or I don’t get a lot of volume (because higher bidders get more traffic).

If I now combine the CPM of 2.8 with the ability to chose country and vertical (and I can pick the otherwise most expensive vertical) for no additional mark-up, this price looks really good.

Now, after writing this article, I have basically motivated myself to try the service out and find out about their traffic quality. So here is what I am going to do:

  1. I will pick a vertical I would like to try their traffic with – some vertical  I know I have offers that do convert.
  2. Then, I will create a landing page – or  a few to split test
  3. and create a tracking campaign (so I know what kind of traffic I am getting and what converts). The tracking will also allow me to measure the performance of the different landing pages and it will allow me to exchange the offers and split the traffic between several offers (again to split test).

After having received my 10’000 visitors – that should take a month – I will report back here and tell you all about the results I had.