About Me

NicoleHi I am Nicole from Pennsylvania and I love good information!

I found that many times knowing just how exactly something gets done right can save you from failing. Is’nt it a fact that many times we have a pretty good idea about a particular subject – but still lack the angle from an experienced person.

You may ask Dr. Google and get a taste, you may search forums or ask your neighbor but how many times in your life did you wish you could ask someone who really knows? – I mean really knows.

That is why I started to collect pieces of wisdom and extracts of sheer experience from all possible corners of the internet to present them here on my blog “WooGate.com”. Most articles were not written by me personally, but they were certainly read by me and I found them to be valuable.

So, perhaps you will find them interesting too. I am trying to keep some sort of logical order and therefor started categorizing the articles (check out the categories on the right side.) Let me know if you find that a particular category is missing and I will try and wrap my head around it too.

For now, browse around and leave your comments in the forum. If you’d like to contribute wisdom as well, let me know. OK?

Now, have fun and learn something in the process!

Your Nicole